Selling a House With Subsidence

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Expert Advice on how to Sell a House with Subsidence

Being able to sell a house with subsidence is often a difficult and non rewarding task. Unfortunately, when it comes to subsidence, you stand a serious risk of having to sell your house at a massively discounted price, or even not being able to sell it at all. This is because fixing structural subsidence is very difficult and expensive, which is why mortgage lenders in particular are likely to not lend if a property has a history of subsidence.

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What is subsidence?

If you’re unsure how to spot it, this link  or this link might give you some helpful information. On top of the obvious issues you can face with trying to sell a house with subsidence or a house with subsidence history, another issue is that although it is not impossible to buy insurance for a property that has experienced subsidence in the past, there is not a lot of choice and it can be expensive. This is because most mainstream insurers won’t insure a property which has been the subject of a subsidence claim. This means that the the cost of insuring the property will put off prospective buyers or cause them to reduce their offer. Additionally, not being able to easy get insurance means that getting a mortgage for a house with subsidence is also not going to be easy.

This is not an issue when dealing with a Property Cash Buyer. Mark King Properties is able to buy any property including one with subsidence. This wouldn’t even affect the turnaround time of buying your house. If you’re looking to sell your house fast for cash, contact Mark King Properties today.

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