Selling an Empty House

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Expert Advice on how to Sell an Empty House

If you’ve ever tried to sell an empty house you’ll know it’s not as easy as it might seem. Unfortunately, when it comes to selling empty property things can often take a long time. This is because unless you’re planning on staging an empty house to sell, people often find it hard to imagine what the house would look like if it was furnished, this means that showing an empty house can also be more difficult.

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Selling an empty house tips

The best way to sell an empty house can often be to furnish it, which can cost a lot of money and time to say the least. Unfortunately though, when it comes to selling an empty house vs. furnished, it’s not only the amount of time it might take to sell that you have to worry about, it’s also the value of the property.
Leaving an empty house for sale can often lead to it needing some work doing to it, if it’s for sale for a long time. You also run the risk of people breaking into the property. What you might not realise is the amount of cover you get from insuring an empty can be seriously reduced, and you may not be covered as well as you’d hope.

This is not an issue when dealing with a Property Cash Buyer. Mark King Properties is able to buy any property including an empty one. This wouldn’t even affect the turnaround time of buying your house. If you’re looking to sell your house fast for cash, contact Mark King today.

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